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Thinking of Buying a Car? Franchised Dealerships Provide These Benefits for Buyers

Thinking of Buying a Car? Franchised Dealerships Provide These Benefits for Buyers

Car shopping in Georgia has gotten better, faster—and more electric.

In the market for a new car? Now is a great time to find your perfect match. While the thought of finding the right vehicle may seem daunting at first, many Georgia car dealerships are excited to guide you through the process and beyond.

And because Georgia has so many dealerships in metro Atlanta, suburban and rural areas, buyers can choose from numerous options. A bonus? When buying from a franchised dealer in Georgia, you help to create and retain local jobs and fuel the state and local economy.

Buying a new car from a franchised dealer can help you as a car owner—before, during, and after the actual purchase. Visit in person or take advantage of options to browse the online inventory and test drive at home. The allure of purchasing an electric car has never been more powerful, thanks to its innovative design, environmental benefits, and political spotlight.

Check out the top 6 ways Georgia car dealerships are working harder and smarter for you:

  1. Competitive Pricing

Georgia franchise dealerships compete for business and can therefore offer competitive prices—which becomes especially important when shopping for any car, including an EV. In addition, many Georgia car dealerships have longstanding relationships with various financial institutions, meaning they can help you obtain financing. Dealerships are well-versed in available federal and state tax incentives and rebates that may apply to your new car.

  1. Driven by Innovation

Dealerships are committed to advancements in the auto industry—and have the infrastructure to deliver innovation the right way. In fact, car manufacturers train dealers on every new detail of a car, as they are the first to receive the latest makes and models.

For example, let’s talk about electric cars. The ongoing relationship between manufacturers and dealerships means that dealers only offer the latest, high-tech electric vehicles. They are also investing in the knowledge to sell the right one for your specific needs. Many dealers are earning manufacturer-provided certifications to increase their knowledge, while others are working to provide more resources, like installing electric car chargers and helping new Georgia buyers take advantage of existing tax incentives.

  1. Accountable to Customers Like You

Most franchised dealerships are locally owned and operated and they have decades of experience and reputations to uphold. You can expect them to go above and beyond in making your experience a positive one. Whether you need to talk to an employee about a new vehicle or make an appointment for service, you can rest assured that someone will always just be a phone call away.

  1. Opportunity to Try Before You Buy

If you think you’ve found the perfect car and want to purchase it online, franchised dealers offer that option, with enhanced searching and buying features from the comfort of home. On the other hand, if you want to “kick the tires,” and view or test-drive vehicles in person, dealerships are ready and waiting to see you. Dealerships are the perfect place to visit, drive, touch and inspect the vehicles you’re interested in without having to make any financial commitment.

  1. Product Knowledge Is Power

When purchasing a new car, you most likely spend hours upon hours researching before even stepping foot in a dealership. And, you are right to do so. But what if you still have questions days, weeks, months, or even years after owning your car? Georgia dealerships are there for their customers long after leaving the lot. For example, many models have high-tech or add-on components requiring a more profound knowledge level when purchasing an electric car. Dealerships are constantly receiving training on their vehicles and can quickly help you—even if it’s long after you’ve purchased your vehicle.

And what happens when your vehicle needs a specialty part or a replacement of recalled parts? The dealership where you purchased your car will always be there, every step of the way. And that in itself can deliver peace of mind.

The Takeaway

Buy from franchised Georgia car dealerships to get the best deals, receive unparalleled service and drive away with the most up-to-date information.

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