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Top Reasons to Consider Buying an Electric Vehicle

Top Reasons to Consider Buying an Electric Vehicle

The impressive features and innovations in electric cars can make them a great choice.

Thinking of going electric? You’re in good company. In fact, more than 70% of Americans are interested in buying an electric car, according to a survey by Consumer Reports. Being among the first to ride this electric wave into the future is an exciting reason to consider an electric vehicle (EV), and it’s certainly not the only one. What’s to love about going electric? Keep reading for five reasons you might be ready to fall in love with owning an EV.

1. Positive Effects on the Environment and the Driver:

Electric vehicles aren’t just good for the environment, they are also convenient for owners. You can plug in at home or on the road. And since electric cars have increasingly long charges, it’s possible to go hundreds of miles before you’ll need to re-up. Your EV is ready to roll and can be one method for reducing your carbon footprint.

2. High Performance and Lots of Options:

EVs are high-performing vehicles that are fun to drive—no matter the style. From a two-door coupe, truck, sedan, or crossover (to name a few), EVs have earned high marks from drivers. How can an electric car deliver on performance? They have quick acceleration from a standstill. Also, EVs offer great handling. The battery pack, usually positioned low in the car, provides stability for improved cornering. Want to see for yourself? Weigh your choices at a local dealership, where you can test-drive all the available options to see which you enjoy the most.

3. The Sound of Silence:

An electric vehicle brings you a smooth, silent drive, whether you’re commuting to work or taking the family for a spin. Without the noises associated with a traditional internal combustible engine, you can focus on what makes driving great—the silence, the wind, that new podcast, or your favorite playlist. The enjoyment of a whisper-quiet electric car means that while you’re driving, you can give your ears and mind a break.

4. Easier Maintenance:

Electric vehicles don’t require oil changes and transmission tune-ups, so routine maintenance may be easier. But rest assured, because when you purchase your EV from a local dealer, you’ll always have an expert in your corner when you need scheduled maintenance, repairs, safety recalls, and other important communications about your car.

5. Be Ahead of the Green Curve and Get a Tax Break:

As a new owner, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of tax credits given to EV buyers. The experts at your local dealership can help you consider all of the available federal and state tax breaks, incentives, and rebates that apply at the time of your purchase. As of now, there’s a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 when you buy most models, and manufacturers sometimes provide rebates and incentives for leasing. And if installing an EV charger at home is the right choice for you, Georgia residents can take advantage of rebates from dealers and electric companies to mitigate installation costs, as well as other federal tax incentives.

Imagine the cleaner, greener, quieter electric vehicle of your dreams. Then, check out one of Georgia’s many franchised dealerships to discover which model might be right for you and exciting things to come.

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